Thursday, March 29, 2012

..week 29..

sweet baby boy...
you are a busy little guy, constantly tumbling and kicking! i look forward to when you are squirming in my arms. i am in my third trimester now and definitely feeling more exhausted these days. it's also getting trickier finding clothes to cover this growing belly. i'm glad you are growing big and strong, we are so looking forward to meeting you little mister!

photos by baby daddy.


  1. So friggin cute! I love the pictures..

  2. love the outfit.
    love the pictures.
    love the baby girl.
    love the baby boy!

  3. You are beautiful.

  4. !! so great !! you gals are so pretty! how fun you have amazing new digs for great shooting opportunities too!

  5. you look so beautiful Mar!!!! Fabs is so adorable, cant' wait til baby boy arrives!!!