Sunday, April 29, 2012

...girls getaway...

j and i had a little argument awhile back. what surfaced was that i was not taking care of myself and it was no one's fault but my own. i realized i needed some 'me' time. ...a little break. my mind started racing and i knew my weekend away would include the following: my sister [if california weren't so far, it would have included both my sisters!], good food, thrifting and pampering. total success. we had such an amazing time together. we also turned around a lot...we're horrible with directions...
..she brought some of her amazing s'more bars and i ate way too many.
..we ate some amazing vegetarian panini's & sweet potato fries at a little cafe on the canal.
..i got a mini pedicure while i waited for my's getting rather tricky to reach those toes over this belly.
..we visited our favorite creamery in fairport.
..squeezed in some shopping.
..we watched a couple episodes of downtown abbey and both got hooked.
..found a little donut shop in fairport.
..we stopped at an amazing barn sale.
..i found a sweet little vintage crib & doll for my ladycakes! and a couple other goodies.
..i am so blessed to have this girl in my life. we have so many shared memories over the years. we always laugh uncontrollably when we're together. i can share the deepest parts of my heart and she loves me no matter what. plus she knows good music...the soundtrack for the weekend included ghoti hook [ seriously, i just had to sing along just looking it up for you], good charlotte, alanis morissette, good stuff i tell you. plus you should hear us hit those harmonies... ;) love you seester.

more pictures here...including an amazing picture of us singing in the car...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

..week 33..

sweet baby boy...
you are a very active little guy. i am a very tired momma. i have been taking naps just about every day, which is very unusual for me. i'm glad your sister is a good napper so that i can squeeze these naps in! i found out a couple weeks ago that my vitamin d is extremely low. i am on a prescription dose to boost it, so perhaps that will help my lack of energy. otherwise i have been feeling quite well. i am still sleeping quite well and so thankful for that [touch wood, as they say in nz.] you still get the hiccups every day. you feel as though you are sitting quite low. i told your daddy that you stand on my hip bone. it's hard to believe this belly is going to keep getting bigger for the next few weeks, but i'm glad you are growing!

iphone photos by baby daddy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ten on ten: april.

01: on the kitchen table.
02: a couple of our favorite books.
03: starburst jelly beans. i'm pretty much addicted.
04: OT...she's walking!
05: this tulip was closed in the frigid outdoors...i brought her in and she opened right up!
06: raspberries. and taking off her boots...always taking off the boots.
07: into each life some rain must fall.
08: a little car ride.
09: a [not so] little belly.
10: best part of the day...daddy's home!

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