Thursday, April 26, 2012

..week 33..

sweet baby boy...
you are a very active little guy. i am a very tired momma. i have been taking naps just about every day, which is very unusual for me. i'm glad your sister is a good napper so that i can squeeze these naps in! i found out a couple weeks ago that my vitamin d is extremely low. i am on a prescription dose to boost it, so perhaps that will help my lack of energy. otherwise i have been feeling quite well. i am still sleeping quite well and so thankful for that [touch wood, as they say in nz.] you still get the hiccups every day. you feel as though you are sitting quite low. i told your daddy that you stand on my hip bone. it's hard to believe this belly is going to keep getting bigger for the next few weeks, but i'm glad you are growing!

iphone photos by baby daddy.


  1. You look so gorgeous. I love stripes on a baby belly! I am wearing stripes in my post today too and I love how it accentuates that belly. ;)

    Glad you are getting lots of sleep!

    (Also, pretty amazed that those are iphone pictures. Impressive!)

  2. What a perfect little baby belly! I hope you get your energy back soon!

  3. You are SO cute with the PERFECT baby belly. So gorgeous! :) Love that umbrella

  4. your belly is adorable.
    and i love your boots.

  5. Napping is the best. Also you look more fabulous every week that goes on and that makes me super jealous. By 33 weeks I looked like the broad side of a barn, only with eye bags and no style. :)

  6. can't believe those are iphone photos. love that umbrella. and the belly. ;)

  7. these are some of my favorite photos in the pregnancy series.
    especially love the second & third shots.