Monday, May 21, 2012


i know it has been mighty quiet round here. third trimester exhaustion has set in. and we're in the midst of moving. and they have to 'survey our address' to see if we can get wireless. and i may be sitting on my side steps trying to catch the neighbors wireless. and that is all the excuses i will give. some iphone photos of our life lately...
home. we are so loving our 'country house'.
...even though it means living like this...we are in the midst of renovations so we can't fully unpack. this is a little tricky. and frustrating. it's all part of the journey, we must embrace it. that's what i told j. i was mostly trying to convince myself.
i love this man. my exhausted prego self would be lost without him. he's supportive. he's hard working. he's nice to look at. i'm glad he's in my life.
my view when i get out of the shower. seriously. pinch me.
we have waited years for this. so loving our fireplace[s].
walls are coming down. so grateful for family and all their help.
mowing the lawn with daddy. this girl loves her daddy.
i asked for a waffle maker for my birthday. go ahead and judge me. also, i happen to love my 1940's green formica counters.
um, hi belly. moving when you're 37 weeks pregnant is an awesome idea. just take my word.
we can watch the sunrise out the window! although i kinda wish i were sleeping and not up watching the sun rise...pregnancy joys.
sitting on the side steps. so i can catch the neighbors wireless. so we can watch charlie & lola. so i can cut her fingernails.
my little love! this little ladycakes keeps us smiling.
kind of zipped. running out of clothes that fit...
i also happen to love my 1940's blue bathroom.


  1. Looks like you've been having a wonderful time. We've moved twice while I was pregnant, so I know how much fun it isn't! You're looking beautiful!


  2. yesss - the leg picture made it in! :)
    who is that big girl on the lawn mower?! that photo is amazing!
    i also so love your green countertops.

  3. Ohhh...I love y'all's home!!! It looks like the PERFECT place!!