Friday, June 29, 2012

foodie friday! best s'mores everrr.

so i know things have been a little quiet round here. we are adjusting to this new schedule with our little man who thinks it's awesome to stay up all night. he also thinks it's awesome to eat, so i spend quite a bit of time feeding little mister. as i was sitting on the couch nursing, this magazine was staring back at me...
which led to some serious s'more craving. i sent the above photo to my sister with a little message something like this: make me these.
sister delivered.
homemade graham crackers!!! stars and scalloped edges and all!
she takes such good care of me!
these are without a doubt the best s'mores i have ever had. in my long lived life. mind you, we are serious marshmallow cookers. notice martha's mallows are white and charred. totally unacceptable in this household. they must be perfectly golden and properly cooked until they are evenly toasted on the outside and gooey in the middle.
serious business i tell you.

and as if there wasn't goodness overload already, my sister also brought her homemade salted carmel sauce and my barista made us caramel steamers. a little piece of heaven i tell you.

some essentials for an amazing s'more. telescoping marshmallow fork. good chocolate.

for the graham cracker recipe: visit here.


  1. yum yum and yum. makes we want a glass of milk just reading this post!

  2. how embarrassing - one of my marshmallows in my photos is charred. i did it so martha wouldn't be embarrassed. ;) {or possibly because i was trying to toast marshmallows in my oven! the things we do for photo shoots...}
    and, i just had one of these s'mores tonight. sigh...content. :)

    1. embarrassing indeed. guess you better stick to cooking grahams, i'll cook the mallows. ;)

  3. more of these when I come home? i didn't get the full extent that's on there :)

  4. Beautiful Photos :D **New Follower**