Friday, August 10, 2012

ten on ten: august.

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

01.. morning view.
02.. first cup of french press coffee. there will be more...
03.. diapers. always diapers. i rather enjoy the routine.
04.. took my little a to work.
05.. nursing my babe at my desk.
06.. he's a pretty sweet sidekick.
07.. she didn't eat much dinner. strawberries & grapes, no problem.
08.. sisterly love.
09.. a couple books before bed.
10.. grilled pita pizza. two sleeping babies = a quiet dinner. kind of. i still haven't eaten my strawberries cause one baby woke up screaming. ah well.

convinced the hubs to join in today!

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  1. LOVE the second pic... looks so cozy and just like Fall, which I'm wishing for while it's 100 degrees today!

  2. that little nakey strawberry monster!
    love the quilt and rug. is that the new one you were talking about?
    and i love that abe is so smiley when fabs is grabbing his ear!

  3. I love the colours in your world!!

  4. um. is that barn yours?!
    love your babes.
    love that quilt in the last pic!!

  5. The first capture is so tranquil. I adore it. And the colors of your family are beyond precious. This was a wonderful set!


  6. Your two little ones are the cutest! I love the chevron rug(?) and the quilt is beautiful! Lovely set!

  7. um, not sure you should be taking baby abey to work if he has to sit outside. bring him to me. ;)
    the quilt...i love! {i want to be an indian-giver!}
    haa...sisterly love! love them!