Monday, September 10, 2012

my girl.

my baby is growing up. depending on what we decide to do about preschool, this could be the last year i don't have to worry about back to school. that has me a bit sentimental and emotional.
i came across this amazing post a momma wrote about her back to school talk with her kids. i hope there are many momma's like this teaching their kids to be kind and compassionate to everyone. you see, i know my little girl looks a little different and because of this she will endure some discrimination. it completely breaks my heart. when i look at her, i just see my perfect little girl...
my sweet faba...she is so tenderhearted.

she loves to splash.

she's totally adorable in pigtails.

she loves her daddy something fierce.

she's a wise guy.

she's bright.

she has an infectious laugh.

she loves people.

my hope.
my dream.
my prayer.
is that they will love her back.
...just the way she is.