Monday, September 10, 2012

my girl.

my baby is growing up. depending on what we decide to do about preschool, this could be the last year i don't have to worry about back to school. that has me a bit sentimental and emotional.
i came across this amazing post a momma wrote about her back to school talk with her kids. i hope there are many momma's like this teaching their kids to be kind and compassionate to everyone. you see, i know my little girl looks a little different and because of this she will endure some discrimination. it completely breaks my heart. when i look at her, i just see my perfect little girl...
my sweet faba...she is so tenderhearted.

she loves to splash.

she's totally adorable in pigtails.

she loves her daddy something fierce.

she's a wise guy.

she's bright.

she has an infectious laugh.

she loves people.

my hope.
my dream.
my prayer.
is that they will love her back.
...just the way she is.


  1. Your sweet Fabs is absolutely beautiful, precious, and very much full of personality! This post (well, all of your posts to be exact) hit home for me as I just became a mother to a sweet baby boy with DS, and coincidentally I was just thinking today about his future, starting school and the emotions that will come with that. A few people recommended your blog to me in comments so here I am. It's so evident that Fabs is an incredible joy to everyone she comes across and although my Auggie is still itty bitty and we have a long way until school starts, reading your post gives me hope and excitement for his future. Discrimination may or may not happen but I pray that God will lift that worry and fear from your and your husbands hearts and your sweet girl will touch the lives of every single person she meets at school. I'd imagine it would be hard not to, what with her being the cutest thing ever. Love your blog :)

    1. ahh, I so needed to hear this.. rough morning. your little Auggie is absolutely adorable & I look forward to looking through your blog a bit more! thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. I love the two of you more than you'll ever know.

  3. Through tear filled eyes, I can say she is the most loving and sweetest child I have ever come in contact with!! Everyone falls in love with that contagious beautiful smile of hers. I can't even start to think about her trotting off to school, can we change the subject!!! Haha,love me some FABA!!!!

  4. Brought tears to my eyes! She's beautiful and I am so proud to be her aunt!

  5. Beautiful post, Marla. I can't imagine what it's like to think about sending your little one off into environments where you can't protect her anymore, but I will share this with you: almost every morning on my walk through campus to my office last year I would pass a student with DS. She has blonde hair like faba, and almost always would be jammin to a song on her ipod as she walked to class. She's thriving as a college student, and I would always think of you guys and how Faba will thrive, too, especially with all the love and support she has around her!
    love you guys!

    p.s. she is so photogenic! i love all the photos you post of her :)

  6. oh the fierce love i have for this little girl. and that dimple, oh man that dimple! and thinking about fabs in school - ahhh. ours kids have to stop growing up!
    we are so incredibly blessed & lucky to have fabienne in our family. the love and acceptance she will teach others...that she will teach my boys. i'm so thankful for her. every day. and for her mama. :)
    and that back to school talk is amazing. and now going to be one of our back to school traditions. so glad you shared it.

  7. What a beautiful little lady! She is precious!

  8. She's beautiful inside and out! Who could not love her just as she is?

  9. Mar, This post made me cry for like an hour. I read the link you provided too. Faba is just one of the sweetest baby girls I have ever met and I can't imagine the way your heart must twist at the unknown. But I can promise you this. I am one of those mammas who promises to teach my girls to LOVE her just as she is. WE LOVE YOU ALL so much. What a very precious blessing it is know and be a part of your lives.