Thursday, November 22, 2012

a horsey party for my tiny tot!

>> fabric & doily banners by cait.
>> happy birthday bunting, layered pumpkin cake, caramel popcorn [with a handmade scoop her hubs whipped up], haystack cookies & french toast cupcakes [so good, make you wanna slap your momma] by my lovely seester manda.
>> black + white photo is my grandma. she has always loved horses. she thinks we should get one for fabs since we have the barn ;) the bronze horse was salvaged from her house fire & she gave it to faba.
>> yellow horse bunting made my sweet seester lyndsay.
>> hay table by my bearded mister.
>> mand, cait & i hand stamped our dresses using this tutorial.
>> aren't fabs little cowgirl boots the sweetest thing you ever did see?!
>> so thankful for all the help from my family to throw the sweetest little cowgirl such a fabulous horsey party.
>> someone coulda clued me in we were doing serious model faces in the last photo... #onlyonesmiling


  1. ha! love that hashtag.
    and i love that tiny two year old!!

  2. love these pictures. and love that you have one of the horse eating the popcorn. sweetest baby girl in the cutest cowboy boots! xo

  3. {oops, forgot to add}: haaaaa - slap your momma. love it. and blogger needs to get emoticons...