Thursday, November 8, 2012

my tiny tot is two!

my brill sister started a fun little tradition with balloons and this song to greet the birthday girl/boy. i was going to at least find my own song, but when i heard the beatles rocking out, i just knew this was the song for my fabs. so we grabbed a colorful bunch of balloons and j, abe and i paraded into fabs sun filled room to get our dance on. and baby girl rocked out.
two years ago my day was filled with fear and tears. two years later my day was filled with joy and laughter. sweet fabienne joy, i look at you all the time and say a little prayer of thanks... God you gave her to me - thank you.


  1. She is so beautiful. And so are you sweet Mama. May God continue to bless your lovely family!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog today. Your children are precious. What a beautiful 10 on 10. I think I will join in next month :)

  3. ahh - fabs rocking out!!! too great. i'm going to have to come over there on her birthday - the boys don't rock out like fabs does!