Monday, November 5, 2012

sweetest word you ever did hear.

you guys!
i've been waiting for this moment for many, many months.
my little girl said her first word.
and she couldn't have picked a better word to say.
in my opinion.

my heart pretty much popped out and melted in a pool on the floor.
i am so proud of my sweet little fabs.


  1. um, amazing.
    her little clapping is so funny & adorable.

  2. Oh man the tears! She is awesome! You and your Hubby are phenomenal parents! Great job Miss Fabs!

  3. best.ever.!!!!. love her to pieces. i can't even handle the sweetness of her little "mama".

  4. um, i had to watch this several times because she is too darn cute! way to go fabs!!!